HPOUA is an IT-centered non-profit fundraiser

The HPOUA foundation was created to facilitate humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Ukraine who has fallen victim to Russia’s unprovoked armed aggression against their independent and democratic country.

HPOUA is a foundation established by IT companies for IT companies worldwide that also want to help Ukrainians in recovering from the aftermaths of the horrific hostile atrocities and war crimes committed by the Russian armed forces.

areas of support


To provide shelter for both citizens and foreigners in Ukraine that have been internally displaced by the ongoing military conflict.


To provide vulnerable populations (e.g. affected by diabetes, chronic lung diseases, cardiovascular issues, oncology, etc.) with critical medicine.


To provide food and critical sustenance to those that have difficulties obtaining them due to the ongoing military conflict.


To provide one-time financial aid to refugees in Ukraine for them to buy staple population goods and other essential items for their survival.


HPOUA is the manifestation of our condemnation of the appalling hostility exercised by the Russian government upon the sovereign territory of Ukraine, and of our conviction to help the free people of Ukraine who have been unjustly wronged by Russia’s occupation attempts and terrorism.

We formed HPOUA for IT companies from around the world to converge in their intent to aid civilians in Ukraine and to make the process of providing such aid streamlined, quick, and effective. HPOUA will provide contextual reports of fund transfer volumes, organizations donated to, and specific humanitarian aid provided by such organizations to their target audiences.

There’s no place for such actions, as exhibited by Russia, in a modern, civilized world of respect for human rights, liberty, and democracy.

Glory to Ukraine!